Privacy and personal data handling

In this page we describe the modalities of the website’s management referring to the personal data handling of the users that consult it.

This information is given in accordance with art . 13 of Italian Legislative Decree  n. 196/2003 –  Data Protection Act to anyone interacting with the web services of the website of the guarantor for the protection of personal data, which are accessible on-line starting from the address

corresponding to the homepage of the company’s website.

The information is given just for our website and it’s not valid for other websites eventually consulted by users through the link.This information also aims as far as possible to comply with Recommendation no. 2/2001 which the European authorities for data protection,  within the Group established by art. 29 of Directive no. 95/46/EC, adopted on  May 17, 2001 to identify some minimum requirements for the gathering of personal data on-line, and, particularly, the methods, timing and nature of the information which the owners of the process must provide users when they connect to the web page, whatever the purpose of such connection.

The recommendation and the summary description of its purposes are written in other pages of this website.


Following the consultation of this website can be handled data related to identified or identifiable individuals.

The owner of their handling is Fast2 S.r.l., via  Ragazzi del ’99, 2-4, 42124, Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy (Fast 2 below) in the person of legal responsible in charge.


Fast2 gathers personal data of different kind during the web navigation of this website by the users, from the one who subscribe to the newsletter and from the one who send supporting request or contact by the forms in the website.These data are always hadled respecting the users’s privacy, as well as the guarantees and the requestes measures prescribed by Data Protection Act and other various measures guaranteed  by the authority on the subject.

2.1 Navigation data

Information systems and the software procedures in charge of the functioning of this website acquire some personal data during their normal use. The transmission of the personal data is implied in the use of the internet communication’s protocols. This informartion are not gathered to be associated to the identified concerned person, but through elaborations and associations combined with data owned by third parties, it allows to identify the users.

To this data category belong IP address or names of the computer domains utilized by users who  connect to the website, required resources’s URI address, time of the request, used method to submit the request to the server, file dimension obtained as answer, numerical code showing the status of the server’s answer (succeeded, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and user’s informatics environment.

These data are used just to obtain  anonymous statistical information  about the use of the website and to check the right mode of operation. They are immediately deleted after their elaboration.Data could be used to verify the responsability in case of hypothetical computer-related crimes that can demage the website:  excpet for this possibility, the status of the data about web contents does not last for more than seven days.

2.2. Data whose conferral is required

The conferral of these personal data  is required to satisfy determinated requests of the concerned users: these persons are free of not giving their requested personal data, but in that case it will not be possible for Fast 2 S.r.l. to satisfy the received request or answer to the requirements.

It’s necessary the conferral of the personal data to:
– subscribe to our newsletter (e-mail address, name and surname);
– send the contact’s requests (e-mail address, telephone number, name and surname)

These data will be handled -only for management and administrative purposes, so that the explicit requests of the users can be fulfilled- both with paper documents and electronic format. Such data will be conserved by Fast 2 only until the users will keep their registration to the newsletter or by the time needed to answer the request of contact or support.When these periods of convervation has passed, personal data will be deleted, in other words they will automatically make anonymous in a permanent way.

2.3 Data given on purpose by the user

The optional sending, explicit and on purpose of requests of support or contact through forms in our website involve the acquisition of the senders’s address, necessary to answer the requests, as well as eventual other personal data included in the request.

The voluntary  sending, explicit and on purpose of e-mail to the addresses suggested on this website involve the acquisition of the sender’s address, to answer the requests, as well as eventual other personal data included in the message.

Specific synthetic  informatives will be gradually reported or displayed in the web pages of the website intended to specific requested services.

2.4 Cookies

For what it concerns the cookies, we send you again to the appropriate page:


The user is free to supply personal data reported in the forms of various services offered in the portal; missed conferral of the required data will involve the impossibility to obtain the service, with the exoneration of Fast2 from every and any obligation and/or duty and/or responsability.


Personal data are handled with automated instruments during the required time to achieve for the aims for what they were collected.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of the data, illicit or wrong uses and non authorized accesses.


Personal data of users who ask the sending of informative material (mailing-list, answers to the requests, notices and newsletter, measures, etc.) are used only to accomplish the requested service and they are communicated to third parties just in case:

  • this is necessary to accomplish the requests (e.g. service of sending of requested documents);
  • the communication is imposed by laws or rules;
  • during a legal procedure.

Treatments related to web services of this website are exclusively handled by technical staff of Fast2.


Users to whom personal data are referred to have the right to obtain anytime a confermation of the existence of such data and to recognize the content and the origin, to verify the  correctness or ask the integration or the update, otherwise the correction of it (art . 7 of Italian Legislative Decree  n. 196/2003)

Referring to this article you have the right to ask the cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the interruption of the handled data in infringement of the law, as well as for legitimate reasons you can take position against their handling.

Any requests will be sent to Fast2 to the e-mail address:


Last edit: April 7, 2015