General information

The website Sologioie utilizes cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved locally in your browser’s memory on your computer and it allows to memorize data of webpages and broweser’s sessions. Sologioie utilizes some “first party cookies”- created and utilized by the website Sologioie- and also some “third party cookies”- created on our website by a third party. Cookies let us show you the most suitable content based on your web surfing. Cookies suopport us in understanding which method to use in our website, to ensure you a more efficient web surfing.

Cookies are just able to keep writing contents, always anonimous and usually encrypted. Sologioie will never memorize any personal information in a cookie.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text file generated by the websites that you visit, they keep the data of the session that might be used later on the website. The data allows the website to keep your information between the pages and also to analyze the way with whom you interact with the website.

Cookies are safe- they are just able to keep information about what  is included by the browser, related to the access in the browser itself or included in the requested page. They can’t become codes and they can’t be utilized to access to your computer. If a website encrypts your information in a cookie, just the website can read the information.

There are two different kinds of cookies: Session and Persistent. They can be used for different reasons and contain different information.

Session cookies contain the information that is used in your browser’s current session. These cookies are automatically erased when you close the browser. Nothing is preserved on your pc longer than the time when you are visiting the site.

Persistent cookies are used to keep the information that is used during the period between one access and the other in the website. This element allows to the websites to recognize that you are already known clients or visitors and it consequently adapts. Persistent cookies have a duration fixed by our website that goes from few minutes to many years.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies on our website to preserve your session and how you surf in it. They are used to display relevant elements during your surfing.
Analytical cookies, created by Google, allow us to trace the client’s interaction  with the website. This gives us the opportunity to have a precious instrument to improve our website, the products and the services that we offer.

Closed and deleted cookies

All browsers allow you to restrict the activity of the cookies or deactivate cookies  through browser’s options.  Procedures to adopt are different for every browser. You can find instructions under your browser’s help menu.
Through your browser you can also display the cookies that you can find on your pc, delete some of them or delete everything.
Cookies are text file,  therefore you can simply open them and read the content. The element contained in cookies is often encrypted or it has a numerical key corrisponding to a web session, therefore they often hasn’t any sense if not to whom has written the website.

If you deactivate cookies, the website Sologioie wouldn’t be able to activate some functionalities necessary to create a reservation. When you deactivate cookies also the monitoring of the  development in the website is deactivated, but the analytical code will not be arrested by the identification of your visit.

What do cookies create in the website Sologioie?

Sologioie registers the cookies’s session and includes the data used by the web server with which the server is developing your session and your authentication status (regarding Sologioie’s database).

Persistent cookies created by Sologioie website are utilized by Google to manage the traffic toward the website to recurring clients rather than new clients. The information is registered and could be used for relevant advertisig to your interests. Deleting these cookies will not have any effect on your interaction or on the functionality of Sologioie’s website.

Third-party cookies


Google supports Sologioie in analysing the website. The data contained in cookies communicate to Google which webpages, products and services you visited and give them the opportunity to find the appropriate advertising. Google uses both persistent and session cookies. Cookies don’t gather personal data. Deleting or deactivating these cookies do not restrict the  functionality of the website.

Useful websites

If you want to verify the personal settings used at the moment, we suggest you the following link:

To verify the modality of cookies’s management in the browsers clic: