Fast 2 is a young and dynamic company qualified in women’s clothing who aims  to suggest a chic style addressed to the woman who loves to dress in a classy and contemporary way.

Thanks to the experience in the textile industry, our company has been able to move from the almost exclusive production of winter coats during the early ’90s to a glam and elegant total look.

In 2014 Fast 2 creates its top collection Sologioie, which will place side by side to the other already successful brands Corte dei Gonzaga and Giulia Valli.


Fast 2  believes that ambition and dynamism are driving forces: collaborators are young, passionate and capable. They come from the best specialized schools and they gained experience by quoted companies in textile industry.

Synergy is the key-word of our job. We think that exchange of ideas and sharing of competences are very important, that’s why style office, model office and production work together everyday. Together we work on projetcs and together we share results.

Hard work, being concrete, commercial reliability and determination are the most important virtues in which the Company strongly believes and the Chairman Giuseppe Padovani is the first person who wants to impart them. He is also the one who never gave up in following his entrepreneurial spirit and investing  on the company to improve its competitiveness, succeeding  in developing an efficient retail in Italy.

Fast2 titolari
The company headquarters takes place in the industrial area  of Mancasale in Reggio Emilia. The avangard location has an inner warehouse that thanks to a new technology is  completely automated.

The technological innovation dominates all the location of Fast 2 that is combined with the  care of details and design: in the offices win contemporary architecture between furniture and geometries.

To Fast 2 life is style and style is life.